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'Homestay' Accommodation

We can arrange accommodation in the St Albans area with English speaking hosts. Full details of your host are provided before you arrive and you will be encouraged to send a short note of introduction to tell them a bit about yourself. The cost of homestay if £245 per week, this includes bed, breakfast and an evening meal Monday to Friday, and all three meals at the weekend. Most hosts live within walking distance from the school, up to 30 minutes, or a short bus ride away. We will include this information when we send you details of your host.

Please remember, as homestay student you are a guest in the home of your host and you need to understand that meal times may be different from those in your own country.

We normally arrange pick-up from the airport and will take you to and from your homestay accommodation at the beginning and end of your stay.

Airport pick-ups
Luton Airport - £40 each way
Heathrow Airport - £40 each way
Stansted Airport - £70 each way

Under 18?
We recommend homestay accommodation for all students under 18. This is a safe way to stay in St Albans. You and your parents must be aware that lessons are until 12.30 Monday to Friday and that you are unsupervised after that and at weekends. We only accept students who are 16 and older. If you are under 18 and stay in homestay we will meet you at the airport and take you to your host.You will get a welcome pack which will include a map of where your host is and where the school is. You will also receive our "Staying in homestay" leaflet with what you can expect and also what is expected of you, with a 24 hour contact number in case you need us outside school hours.
If you are under 18 you must tell your host where you are going and what time you wil be home. You must be home by 10pm.
We do not organise a full time leisure programme and most of our students are adults. You wil be in lessons with students over 18. You must have written permission from your parents or guardians to study at the school and to travel to the UK.

All our homestay hosts are carefully selected and will make sure you have an enjoyable stay.

Homestay hosts
Are you a friendly, welcoming household in St Albans with a spare room? We have students who stay for a week, two weeks, a month or several months. Could you make them feel comfortable? We pay you well for your hospitality. Give us a call, 01727 838980, or email for details.


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