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Need help with your exams? You can take individual lessons for:

Cambridge First (FCE) - Advanced (CAE) - IELTS

Take an individualised, intense FCE/CAE/IELTS course over the summer.
What it includes:

Feedback and Error Correction: Your teacher provides error correction and explanations regarding mistakes made in both written and spoken work.

Speaking: The intense, individualised course allows you to build up accuracy and fluency while focusing on the familiarisation of the 4-part speaking test format of the exam.

Vocabulary: The vocabulary focuses on not only specific exam style vocabulary, but also on richer everyday language. Combining the skills of guessing unfamiliar words and phrases from their contexts is also a key skill that will be worked on.

Writing: Not only will you be given the examiner’s criteria, you will also be given plenty of examples (poor, satisfactory and excellent) to judge. You will also be given guidance on how to answer all the genres of the written parts.

Listening: Techniques, tips and task types will be analysed

Reading and Use of English: Techniques, tips and task types will be analysed

Homework: You will be given practice tests to complete as well as lots of useful homework varying from expressions to grammar.

Price: £560.00 for seven 2-hour sessions (14 hours)

The school is accredited by the British Council. We offer the following Cambridge exams:-

  • Cambridge First Certificate (FCE), for details click here
  • Cambridge Advanced Examination (CAE), for details click here
  • Cambridge International English Language Testing System (IELTS), for details click here

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